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Tea & D

Come play with us in a variety of role-playing games run after hours at our shop. Dungeons & Dragons, Fate, and PbTA are just some of the game systems used to create original content with a focus on character, story, and role play.

Additional Information

 No experience required! You only need bring your imagination and maybe indulge in a bit of those drama club experiences. We approach every game as it is your first and encourage people of all skills to join us.

No supplies needed! We have plenty of dice (sooooo many dice) and all games will have pre-generated characters meant to fit the game. Early bird gets the wyrm!

No restrictions! OK, that’s not entirely true. Not every game is meant for every player but we do promote and encourage inclusivity and wholly reject intolerance. At our table the #1 rule is No Jerks.  

Each event has its own themes and content that may or may not appeal to or be appropriate for all players or ages. Be sure to read event details and please ask us if you’re not sure. For the most part we run a PG-13 table unless otherwise stated.

So what are you waiting for? Don your chainmail or summon an army of fairies and join us for a game today

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email with questions or additional details