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Charity Partnership

Pay It Forward

Pay it forward with knitting

We knit cup cozies and make leather wraps for mason jars. They are available for sale at all our markets and events.  The best part, 100% of the proceeds from the cup cozies and cozie jars are donated to charity.

Through June 30, 2019 funds raised will be donated to United Relief Foundation.

Examples of styles and colors are below. To purchase online, please email us for style/color availability.


United Relief Foundation

Who is United Relief Foundation?

Chartered as a not-for-profit by the State of Illinois on February 2, 2006, United Relief Foundation is a 501(c)(3) humanitarian aid organization dedicated to the service of the men and women who service in the United States Armed Forces. Donations to the United Relief Foundation are tax-deductible. Please speak with a tax professional to the extent your donation is tax deductible.500 Lake Cook Road – Suite 350 –Deerfield, IL 60015(888) 718-0989

Where the funds will go

Care Comfort Compassion: In the service of Homeless, Homebound and Hospitalized Veterans Homeless: On-street, shelter, “flophouse” or temporary housing 

  • 80% of donations will be used to purchase essential personal care items and for the administration of one-on-one interaction with Veterans in need
    • Essential Personal Care Items Package include many of the basic hygienic products we take for granted every day that can do more good, in many ways, for a Veteran in need than you would think (Razors and shaving cream, deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss hand sanitizer, Q-tips, first aid kit
    • Interaction includes United Relief Foundation volunteers purchasing and packaging items in attractive boxes for personal delivery and exchange with individual Veterans, identified by the United Relief Foundation to be in need

Holistic-Horticultural Healing for Heroes: In the service of Disability-rated and Transitioning Veterans

  • 20% of donations will be used in the development of the program
  • Hope and Hope Partner Wellness Rising Coalition (WRC) will receive a portion of the donations, received by the United Relief Foundation from Casting Whimsy Standing Tall fundraising efforts, to support WRC’s significant role in developing the program’s educational and instructional essentials